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Frequently Asked Questions

I accidentally blended the desiccant packet found in my proteins+ container, is it harmful?

If you consumed any of the packet it is harmless, you can drink a bit more water than usual and it will flush through your system.  The non-toxic desiccants used in our proteins+ powders are made of amorphous silica gel packed in a Tyvek pouch.  Tyvek is made of high density polyethylene fibre and is recognized as a safe material, not posing any health hazards.  We use these desiccants as product freshness and safety is of top concern at Genuine Health – the desiccants are an added assurance for our customers and a sign of a premium product with attention to detail in production and quality standards.

Why is xanthan gum added to some Genuine Health products and what is the source?

We use small amounts of non-medicinal ingredients to our powdered products in order to manufacturer consistent and high quality products that are stable, non-clumping and taste great!  Xanthan gum is added to improve the user experience (texture) by naturally suspending and holding the particles together when mixed with water.  As an example of how much we add, there is only 85 mg of xanthan gum in each serving of fermented vegan proteins+ vanilla – just enough to provide a smooth and creamy texture. The xanthan gum is derived from fermentation of glucose syrup that is from non-gmo corn. As with all of our ingredients and products we test for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and microbes.  We also go beyond and test for GMOs as our products are non-GMO and always have been.

Is it important that I take the recommended dose of a Genuine Health product?

The short answer is yes, in order for you to experience the full benefits of Genuine Health products we recommend taking the full dose!  Genuine Health puts a lot of time into researching and testing ingredients and products to ensure that the products give you results!  We pick ingredients that are backed by scientific research AND we use the amount proven in the research.  This is a key point as many supplements will use a sprinkling of popular ingredients but not enough to really make a difference to your health.  One example is with herbs, we use standardized extracts of herbs in greens+ because standardization is the only way to guarantee the potency of the active components and to provide the research proven benefits.


It is also important to follow the directions of when to take and how to start.  For example we recommend starting with 1/3rd of a dose of greens+ and working up to the full dose over  3 week period.  When the dosage is very general, i.e. take 2 capsules per day, you can take them at any time.


With that said there may be situations where you want to adjust the dose (dependent on your body weight and lifestyle or perhaps because of health concerns), in these cases please ask your natural health care practitioner for advice.


If you have any questions on how and when to take our products please feel free to contact


I’ve heard that I should be getting a lot of phytonutrients but I have no idea where to get them or why they are good for me, can you explain?

Phytonutrients sound complicated and a bit mysterious but you are more familiar with them than you might think, the word literally means plant nutrients.  Phytonutrients, also known as phytochemicals,  are the nutrients that are mainly concentrated in the skin of fruits and veggies.  These nutrients are responsible for the colour, smell and flavour of your favourite plant foods.  You are likely familiar with carotenoids, especially beta-carotene, the phytonutrients which make carrots, yams and squash orange while supporting eye health.  Green veggies also contain beta-carotene but the yellow colour is masked by the rich chlorophyll content which is green.  Chlorophyll is a great detoxifier and is also found in algae such as spirulina and chlorella.  Other important phytonutrients include lycopene (found in tomatoes), reveratrol (found in grapes), lutein (found in kale) and phosphatidylcholine (found in lecithin).


So what exactly do these complex sounding nutrients do to make us healthier?  Well…phytonutrients are critically important to our health for an array of functions.  They protect against free radical damage, support our immune system, support our liver function, balance hormones, provide anti-bacterial/anti-microbial action and provide anti-inflammatory effect.


The formulator of greens+, our friend Sam Graci, has long been spreading the word of the importance of eating a variety of colourful plant foods every day.  While Sam’s message is simple finding these phytonutrients in our food is not.  That is why he formulated greens+, to turn his message into an easy way that people could get these important phytonutrients into their everyday life.  Phytonutrients are hard to find in our everyday diet especially at the amount we need to combat the pollutants and stress of the modern world, greens+ provides you with this important protection every day.  Read more about greens+ and protecting your health against the modern world at

Is refrigeration of greens+ recommended for safety or effectiveness?

Actually it is not quite either, but in order to provide optimal product freshness after opening.  Refrigeration is a controlled condition, so we know the product is not sitting on a window ledge, on top of a radiator or kept in other non-optimal storage situations.  A cool temperature will also reduce oxidation and maintain probiotic stability.  However, the primary gauge of product safety and effectiveness regardless of storage will always be the expiry date.


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