fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bar

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15 grams of fermented Greek yogurt protein - that you can take everywhere.

The ultimate post-workout refuel, or high protein, high fibre and low sugar snack specially formulated to be easy to digest and maximize protein absorption.

Available in 3 delicious flavours: Cherry Almond Vanilla, Blueberry Cashew, & Pineapple Coconut.

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  • Overview

    Get all the benefits of Greek yogurt in a convenient and delicious bar!

    fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars are made to provide maximum absorption, strengthen gut health, and provide 15 grams of protein from grass fed California dairy.

    Available in 4 indulgent flavours – 2 enrobed in a decadent coating, and 2 uncoated! These are the best tasting, dairy-based protein bars yet!

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  • Product Q&A

    Are the fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars high in sugar?

    Not at all. fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars contain around 25 grams of carbohydrates – 12 of which are sugar. As a comparison, a medium-sized apple, about 182g in weight, has 19 g of sugar. Like our bars, apple and other fruits contain fibre and other nutrients to balance out the sugar content.

    Let’s talk about how we sweeten our bars. Rather than using sugar alcohols (like maltitol or xylitol), which can irritate the gut, we sweeten our bars with brown rice syrup and agave, which not only add sweetness, but also help to bind the ingredients together and add moisture.

    fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars are a quick and easy snack that provides long-lasting energy with a nice balance of 15 g of protein, fibre and carbohydrates. Like our fermented vegan proteins+ bars, fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars also contain prebiotic fibre, which has a naturally sweet taste, and no sugar.

    Why isn't the coating on the fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars made from Greek yogurt?

    We made every effort to have the coating on the bars be made of Greek yogurt; however, the only available Greek yogurt coating on the market is unfortunately made of GMO ingredients, and as such was not a consideration for us. This is probably why you only see Greek yogurt coatings on mainstream CPG goods in the grocery aisles. Our aim for these bars was to provide a healthy snack bar that was natural and non-GMO, while also providing some variety in terms of our bar offerings to consumers. As such, the coating was chosen as a flavourful and textural addition and is made from sustainable and fair trade ingredients.

    Are these bars suitable for children?

    fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars are classified as a food, not a natural health product, and there is no age restriction. However, an appropriate dose needs to be calculated according to age and weight. Health Canada protein (and all macronutrient) guidelines can be found at
    Keep in mind the protein content in an egg or thick slice of cheese is 6g and a chicken breast is 27g. The maximum daily amount for children is:

    1. age 1-3, 13g
    2. age 4-8 19g
    3. age 9-13 34g

    Can women who are pregnant or breastfeeding consume fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars?

    Yes! The bars are classified as food, not a natural health product (NHP) and do not have a caution for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Where does the milk for the fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars come from?

    We source the milk from a highly conscious dairy, committed to sustainable practices. The cows that provide milk for the fermented proteins+ from Greek yogurt are raised, pastured and farmed in California, USA providing grass-fed milk that is free from hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs. We use dairy from throughout California.

    Do all the bars have a coating on them?

    We have 2 flavours without a coating – pineapple coconut and blueberry cashew!

    Which flavour has the lowest sugar content?

    The pineapple coconut has the lowest sugar content.

    Are these meal replacement bars?

    fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars are protein bars, not meal replacement bars. A true meal replacement bar needs to have particular amounts of the macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats).

  • Formula

    Ingredients: Protein blend [whey protein crisps (whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, tapioca starch, calcium carbonate, sunflower lecithin), fermented pea protein isolate, whey protein isolate, organic sprouted brown rice protein concentrate, fermented Greek yogurt protein], isomalto-oligosaccharides (Vitafiber™), non-GMO coating (fair trade cane sugar, certified sustainable palm kernal oil, fair trade vanilla, sunflower lecithin, salt), almond butter, brown rice syrup, organic agave syrup, roasted diced almonds, dried cherries, organic coconut oil, natural flavours, sunflower seeds, sunflower lecithin, malic acid, fractionated palm kernal oil, sea salt, mixed tocopherols.

    Contains almonds, milk.
    May Contain peanuts, soy, tree nuts, egg and sesame.

    fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars contain no gluten, artificial colours or flavours.


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