Vegan proteins+

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Achieve a leaner, healthier body with all-natural, plant-based protein.

Protein is vitally important for overall health, including easier weight loss, increased metabolism and lean muscle. Just one serving provides all 8 essential amino acids, 8 vitamins, 13 minerals and 20 grams of dietary protein for a leaner, healthier body.

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  • Overview

    A rich source of vegan protein.

    With Vegan proteins+, you get a comprehensive formula containing the richest source of vegan proteins including non-GMO pea, sprouted brown rice, alfalfa, organic hemp and potato protein isolate.

    Take Vegan proteins+ for a satiating, long lasting protein, to build lean muscle and boost metabolism, support the immune system, and help balance blood sugar levels.

    Whether you are vegan or not, enjoy Vegan proteins+ daily as a mid-day snack, pre or post exercise, to boost your health and energy – naturally.

    Simply add to water, in juice or your favourite foods with no blender required. Its natural vanilla and double chocolate flavour tastes great too!

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  • Product Q&A

    How much potassium per scoop?

    There are 126mg per serving.

    Can you please tell me the sodium content of this protein powder?

    There is 226mg per 30.7g serving of sodium in vegan proteins+.

    I have a bottle of this protein powder in my cupboard have a couple of questions, how long does it last once opened? Is it ok to mix it with almond or soy milk?

    The product will last up until the expiry date indicated near the bar code with the lot#. It would definitely be okay to mix with soy milk or almond milk in a smoothie or shake – you will receive all the same benefits!

    What is the nutrition info for this product?

    Per serving (33.5g) there are 130 calories, 20g of protein, 7g of carbs, and 2g of fat. This is as per the product label.

    What is the full amino acid profile for this product?

    Amino Acid per 30.7g serving:

    Alanine 746.01
    Arginine 1525.79
    Aspartic Acid 2013.92
    Cystine 359.19
    Glutamic Acid 3106.84
    Glycine 727.59
    Histidine 423.66
    Hydroxyproline 3.07
    Isoleucine 831.97
    Leucine 1492.02
    Lysine 1415.27
    Methionine 199.55
    Phenylalanine 951.7
    Proline 1427.55
    Serine 982.4
    Threonine 540.32
    Tryptophan 150.43
    Tyrosine 604.79
    Valine 967.05

    What is the fiber content per serving?

    There are 0.921g per 30.7g serving.

    Does Vegan protein + contain soy protein? Also, I couldn't see on the ingredient list, but is there any Sucralose, AceSulfame K?

    Vegan proteins+ is free of soy. The product is also free from artificial sweeteners.

    What is the reason for the caution “Consult a health care practitioner before use if you have a medical condition, are taking prescription medicines”?

    These cautions are present simply because we cannot recommend safe usage if consumers are using prescribed medications unless under the recommendation of a health care provider.

    What vitamins and minerals are in Vegan proteins+?

    Please see the below information per serving:

    Biotin 0.107 mcg
    Riboflavin (B2) 0.04 mg
    Thiamine (B1) 0.5 mg
    Vitamin A (retinol) 15.5 IU
    Beta Carotene 62.2 IU
    Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 0.06 mg
    Vitamin E 0.26 IU
    Vitamin K 75 mcg
    Vitamin K2 1.2 mcg

    Boron 70.6 mcg
    Calcium 147 mg
    Chromium 7.03 mcg
    Iron 4.85 mcg
    Magnesium 30.1 mg
    Manganese 1.38 mg
    Phosphorous 293 mg
    Potassium 74 mg
    Selenium 55.3 mcg
    Sodium 117 mg
    Zinc 2.24 mg

    Can I use this product as an after workout shake? I'm vegetarian and I would rather use your product since its vegan. Does it contain enough protein?

    Yes, this product can definitely be used post workout! It contains a sufficient amount of protein to help build lean muscle.

    Could you tell me if I can mix it with greens+ DAILY DETOX and soy milk or almond milk?

    Yes, these you can mix this product with greens+ daily detox and the (cool) liquid of your choice!

    I notice your pea protein is non-GMO, which is great! But why it's not organic as well?

    It is not organic, but it is a clean, effective and bioavailable source of protein. In product formulation, organic is not always the top priority. In the case of Vegan proteins+, our priority is to provide a unique mix of plant-based protein sources that in combination provide a complete and balanced source of amino acids.

    Is this product gluten free?

    Yes, this product is gluten free!

    Is there any cocoa in your chocolate flavoured Vegan protein powder? Or is it natural flavouring?

    There is cocoa in the natural flavouring of Vegan proteins+ chocolate.

    Is it possible to get this product without flavour or stevia?

    At this time we do not produce an unsweetened & unflavoured version of Vegan proteins+. For those who are looking for an unsweetened & unflavoured plant-based protein, we offer fermented vegan proteins+!

    How can this protein be harmful to the liver if it is compromised?

    This warning is not because of one ingredient, but because of protein itself, and would apply to any protein supplement in Canada. The reason the NHPD requires this caution is because high doses (well beyond the daily dose of proteins+) can cause issues.  Excess protein can stress both the liver and kidneys.

    On the packaging it states that a physician should be consulted if you want to use VEGAN proteins+ and you are taking birth control pills. Could you please tell me what is in this that may affect birth control pills?

    This caution is in place from Health Canada and is specific to the ingredient alfalfa. We advise you consult your natural health care practitioner for further direction with this caution.

    Can u take this product more than once a day?

    We can only advise the recommended dose as per Health Canada. Please consult your health care practitioner for further direction.

    I am wondering if it is okay to mix the powder with hot water, or will it destroy any of the nutrition?

    Vegan proteins+ is very stable. You can mix this product with warmer liquids but we do suggest keeping the water under the boiling point.

    Your label on Vegan proteins+ shows that for 1 scoop (33.5g) there are 2g of fat. How much of that fat is saturated fat?

    There is 0.46g (vanilla), 0.84g (chocolate) of saturated fat in each 1 scoop serving of Vegan proteins+. There are small amounts of saturated fat in some of the plant proteins.

    How are the protein sources extracted to form the powder? For example do you use methods like, cold-extrusion without solvents, hexane, or radiation?

    Each plant protein in this product is processed separately and with an appropriate process to the ingredient. The manufacturing process is proprietary, but we can disclose that it does not use solvents, hexanes, irradiation or chemical modification.

    The pea, rice alfalfa proteins are isolated using none chemical means through grounding, milling, sieving, hydrating, separating, drying and enzymatic reactions.

    I have been reading about anti-nutrients (phytic acid, oxalates, tannins, trypsin inhibitors, enzyme inhibitors, lectins, protease inhibitors, gluten, alpha-amylase inhibitors and alkylresorcinols) that are present in beans, peas, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. I would like to know if you take any steps in reducing these anti-nutrients in Vegan proteins+?

    The pea, rice and alfalfa proteins are isolated using non-chemical means through grounding, milling, sieving, hydrating, separating, drying and enzymatic reactions.  Through isolation of the protein component of plant foods there is also a significant reduction in anti-nutrients such as tannins, oxalates, purines and phytates (phytic acid) that otherwise prevent protein utilization (up to 60% of purines are lost during a simple washing process).

    Vegan proteins+ is gluten free.

    Our unique combination of plant based proteins, including new and innovative potato protein, provides a highly digestible and easy to absorb product.

    For those with compromised digestion, we offer fermented vegan proteins+ for even easier absorption of nutrients!

    What country do the materials used in this product come from?

    At Genuine Health, product quality, efficacy and safety are of vital importance. To this end, we place a great deal of emphasis on product testing both at the ingredient level and on our finished products. If an ingredient is not of outstanding quality and fails even one of our rigorous testing specifications applicable to that particular ingredient, it will not be used in any of our products.

    This testing rigour applies to all ingredients, regardless of their country of origin. We ensure we are choosing the highest quality ingredients through an initial selection process involving a battery of tests, and then we ensure this quality is maintained by our on-going testing. This applies to all ingredients – whether they come from Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, USA, or anywhere in the world. Ingredient origins are proprietary information as we take much time a research to source the highest quality ingredients.

    Our products are mainly manufactured in Canada with a few manufactured in the US.

    I just bought Vegan proteins+ and was wondering if I will get all the same benefits that I would from using proteins+, i.e. weight loss benefits, leaner muscle mass etc.? Does Vegan proteins+ offer the same, and can you tell me what vitamins/minerals are in this product?

    You will definitely still receive weight loss benefits and leaner muscle mass from taking this product as there is just a different source of protein. Vegan proteins+ includes a large number of naturally occurring nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and active compounds such as lutein, chlorophyll and zeaxanthin.

    These 8 vitamins are found:
    Vitamin K
    Vitamin B1
    Vitamin B2
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin B6

    These 13 minerals are found:

  • Formula

    Recommended Use: Take daily to help build lean muscle in combination with regular weight training and a healthy, balanced diet.

    Adult Dosage: Mix 1 scoop (26.9 g) in 1 cup (250 mL) of your beverage of choice. Take one serving daily, away from medications. For prolonged use consult a health care practitioner.


    Pisum sativum: Yellow pea kernel protein isolate (non-GMO; 82% protein) / Isolat de protéines de grains de pois jaunes (non GM; 82 % de protéines) 20.6 g
    Oryza sativa: Brown rice whole grain protein concentrate (non-GMO; 80% protein) / Concentré de protéines de riz brun entier (non GM; 80 % de protéines) 1.8 g
    Solanum tuberosum: Potato tuber protein isolate (non-GMO; 90% protein) / Isolat de protéines de tubercule de pomme de terre (non GM; 90 % de protéines) 1.0 g
    Medicago sativa: Alfalfa whole young plant juice protein (non-GMO; 50% protein) / Protéines issues de jus de jeunes plants de luzerne entiers (non GM; 50 % de protéines) 1.0 g
    Cannabis sativa: Hemp seed protein (non-GMO; 42% protein) / Protéines de graines de chanvre (non GM; 42 % de protéines) 0.5 g

    Non-medicinal Ingredients: Stevia, natural vanilla flavour.

    Vegan proteins+ contains no gluten, wheat, animal products, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

    Caution: Consult a health care practitioner before use if you have a medical condition, impaired liver or kidney function, are taking prescription medicines or following a low protein diet. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
    Store in a cool, dry place.

    Store in a cool, dry place.


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